Established in 1998.

This page of is dedicated to my pet snakes. I had to give them up when I moved to Hawaii because they are illegal here. I'm still working on this page. I need to scan some more pictures.

My first snake was a ringed-back kingsnake named Eve. I got her way back in 1987? when I was still in the Navy. I had her for several years until I carelessly left the top off of her aquarium one night and she escaped. I was very sad.

Next came Inigo and Hank (1994?). I got them from a breeder that advertised in the paper (back when there were still newspapers). My girlfriend saw the ad and said she always wanted a pet snake. I had just lost Eve and was excited to get another snake. The breeder's price was so much lower than a pet store that I joked that we could get his-and-hers snakes, to which the breeder responded by giving us an extra volume discount. I think we paid $70 apiece! (The ad said $80.) They were little babies so small that curled up they would fit in one hand. A short time later Hank got sick and wasn't eating so we called the breeder and he brought us a new litter to pick from and took Hank back and nursed him back to health. That's when we got India, and she and Inigo lived together until 2000 when I moved to Hawaii. I couldn't find a new home for them, but the breeder was kind enough to take them back and give them good homes, although he said they would have smaller accommodations and not live together anymore. Inigo was about 7 1/2 feet long and India was about 6 1/2 feet long at the time I gave them up, and that's probably as big as they will get.

My next snake was an albino kingsnake that I named Lancelot (the white knight). I got him at a very reduced price because the pet store said he was already adopted once but the first owner brought him back because "they just weren't snake people." He had a bad mite infestation which I was able to remedy with a good soaking except for one that was stuck in the corner of his eye. I found a veterinarian that treated reptiles and he was able to remove it. When Lancelot escaped it wasn't my fault; I had a light bulb as an under-tank heater, and one day the power went out and later came back on. The temperature change caused the glass bottom to crack and a small piece fell out, allowing him to escape. I was very sad. I still had Inigo and India though.

The last snake I had was a beautiful Mexican rosy boa. I named him Cocoa because of his coloring. Rosy boas are excellent pet snakes because they are very hardy and only grow to be 2 or 3 feet long. I still had Cocoa when it came time for me to move to Hawaii, but the breeder that took Inigo and India agreed to take Cocoa too, so he went to a good home.

Here are Inigo and India, my two Columbian boas.

Inigo + India, 1998 maybe? They got bigger than this.

Scott and Stacy with Inigo.

Stacy's new belt (Inigo).

Snerk and India.

The right side of this picture shows Cocoa's true colors.

This picture shows you how big Cocoa was.