Welcome to
Chuck's Virtual Birthday Party!


So glad you could make it!

Chuck's 41st Birthday Party was so huge, some people weren't even aware that they were there! In fact, it might still be going on!

Snerk & Pixie plan the party...

Decorating committee.

Kitten! Puppy!

Pixie and Bilbo got into the spirit early and helped decorate.

Beaty family!

The Beaty family from Seattle was festively decorated as well.

Nils and Malte grab some refreshments out on the balcony.


Karen's already drunk!

Karen and Aurelien are already drunk! Is that my favorite - chocolate silk pie?!

Aurelien's already drunk too!

Bilbo gets the munchies!

Bilbo samples the food to make sure it's fit for guests.

The hot tub was a popular feature....


The Blue Room!

...as was the mysterious "Blue Room".

Music filled the air!

The music was fantastic, and not a single call from the neighbors or visit from the police! Below, some dancers wave to Chris to join them!

Amy rocks the house!
Having a blast! Gettin' down!

The Pyle Family was celebrating in style in the Jungle Room. Looks like Rich is keeping up with Karen and Aurelien!

Party time - Pyle Style!

Trent getting into the spirit!

My brother Trent and his wife Jennifer arrive fashionably late and stepped right into the swing of things!

Ice cream!

The Hat Room!

Here we see Ellen and Tipp resting in the Hat Room between dances. The hat room was another popular feature of the party, and will probably be a recurring theme at future parties.

Lava rocks!

Lava (left) and Mango (right) arrived at the party with Joe (below)!

Mango is a sweetie!

What a party!

Norma getting into the spirit!

Snerk and her mother Norma really getting into the spirit of the party!

Snerk is the life of the party!


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